Do not tease and do not feed cancer

In the beginning of July the author of these lines was a delegate of 18th Congress of World Anticancer Union in Norway. Cancer is a global problem; therefore the entire world fights against it. Congress in Oslo is a graphic evidence of this. Royal family drawing the cheques and Olympic champions having a run throughout the entire Scandinavia, have brought not only considerable donation sum for a research on cancer but also a hope for more than 20 millions of patients waiting for a new methods of treatment from scientists. Fight against cancer starts with prophylactic Naturally, that this year premium of Olaf V King of Norway was given to the American authors of famous book "Causes of Cancer" Richard Doll and Richard Pito for their outstanding scientific investigations. Doll and Pito claim, that we know more than 75% of cancer causes. It means that we are able to prevent cancer. Do not smoke! In present times more than 3 billions of people suffer from smoking addiction exposing themselves and more than 2 billions of passive smokers to a mortal danger. Lung cancer became younger and changed its sex. Now the majority of patients in developed countries are more likely to be 50-60 year old women. The peak of smoking fashion was from 60's to 70's in 20th century. They were 15-20 years of age, but many of them will not reach the age of 60. Moreover, smoking is also a reason for cancer of the oral region, oesophagus, stomach, pancreas, and urinary bladder – also, it affects women to the largest extent. This year, Hungary is the country of the highest mortality related to smoking cancer. We, as it is often spoken now, are in the group of counties-candidates. It is difficult to fight against smoking. Successful robust persons and beauties from advertisement with cigarettes between their teeth usually tease poor and developing ones. What is more, 80% of smokers live in developing countries…

Watch what you eat!

Normal, balanced food free from gluts, pickles, pickings, and smoked products is the best method to form anticancer immunity. Natural phitoestrogenes of linseeds, red clover and soybean support normal level of isophranomes and pigments in women's blood during menopause and significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer. The same is with prophylactic of prostate cancer with men after 55 years of age. Physical activity and normal micro flora prevent from development of tumors in colon.

Fight against infections!

Besides the fact that chronic infections and its treatment based on antibiotics lead to immunity loss, three of them can cause cancer: helicobacter phi Lori – stomach's carcinomas, virus B and C hepatitis – liver cancer, and virus papiloma – cancer of the neck of uterus.

Predisposition to illness

It is now actively tested genetically, but if this method is not available for everyone yet it is necessary to take into consideration illnesses of parents and closest relatives. Thus, for women whose families have had breast cancer it is better not to wait until they are 40 years old to make the first mammogram, but men should check the condition of the prostate only after 45 years of age. Colon cancer is transmitted from generation to generation. All these measures give a possibility to uncover signs of tumors on the early stage and to start timely treatment. In this case, more than a half of oncological patients make a complete recovery from illness. Virus immune therapy and vaccination is considered to be the most progressive method of cancer therapy in the world, in present times. This therapy was discovered and proved by Professor Aina Muceniece. There were no better results in the world in melanoma treatment than those, which were achieved with a help of her methodic. One more thing: there are several hundreds of funds that support oncological patients, including those who offer participation in final studies of clinical investigations including vaccination to cure melanoma, kidney cancer, and some types of leukaemia. Can it be called an experiment over human beings? Any type of cancer treatment in present times is an experiment to some extent. Furthermore, what can be compared to the experiments, which humans make on themselves according to their own will or by force of their habits? Remember about prophylactic measures.

From newspaper PANORAMA LATVII.