And we thought you had died long long ago..." - the doctors said on meeting him. Now, that's something like - the man has been buried, and he is living. Vladimir Korbut is living and quite well. And as it was before his disease he is working as an excavator driver. 

It was for the first time that I held in my hand a sentence to death to a man. It was written hastily and even slightly carelessly in sprawling handwriting of a professional for whom drawing up similar papers is mostlikely an everyday work. The sentence was dated the 29th May 1990 and contained several lines: "Carcinoma of the stomach with metastatic liver injury". It has been announced to Vladimir Korbut of 36 years old, an inhabitant of Zaslavl, first at the Republican Scientific Research Institute of Oncology and a month later affirmed by the inter-district medical examination board. Vladimir as a hundred percent condemned man without any obstruction has been granted an invalidism of the first group and sent off... to die. His wife Vera, although being broken hearted, all the same started preparing for an impending funeral ceremony... 

lf years ago that an ambulance car took him away from his small appartment. It was a holiday. A pang in the stomach suddenly narrowed the world up to a few dark spots in front of his eyes. It got difficult to breathe, his check-bones cramping. He was taken away to the hospital doubled up with pain. 

In the local hospital "acute gastritis" was diagnosed to Korbut. Days passed the state of health didn't become better. The abdomen become distended, hard belching did not allow swallowing a single piece of food - at once vomiting with gastric juice. Vladimir grew yellow, lean and was so weak that could make not a step. When his mother arrived at the hospital she saw a body lying prone across the bed, it was her son. Vladimir could hardly react on the surrounding. A cold face could be recognized through the features. The doctors and relatives often began to pronounce "cancer" -short hopeless and cruel word crossing off any hope and fortune. 

Korbut was transferred to a well-known Borovlyany (Republican Scientific and Research Institute of Oncology). There the diagnosis was confirmed by endoscopy. The patient's condition was very serious and he couldn't bear all the complicated analyses. Besides the typical malignant liver affection was confirmed by blood count. In short all the evidence fits... "The third degree tumor. It is for the process prevalence that special therapy is unnecessary. A symptomatic treatment is prescribed. In violent pains - narcotics." Korbut was discharged with such resolution. 

Life hardly glimmered in the man. He couldn't already move himself, did not want to talk, opened his eyes with difficulty. Necrotic skin exfoliated in flaps. Nobody could dream of any miracle, possible recovery, but Vladimir himself who naturally did not know the truth about his disease and his mother simple peasant woman, Lyubov Stepanovna from Rechitsa Region. Straining herself she made up her mind to take her son to his native village if to die, then in his father's home, to be buried in the village graveyard next to his fathers grave. And while he is breathing she must treat. To treat with all known and available remedies. 

Lyubov Stepanovna recollects: 

- My neighbours gave me Stinkhorn mushroom, we call it a stinking mushroom because in the forest you can smell it far away. I put fresh Stinkhorn Mushrooms, unwashed and only wiped dry, into a jar, then poured some vodka into the jar covering the mushrooms. I should have drawn this remedy for ten days. But I had no time to wait any longer and gave my son to drink it on the third day. My son was at his last gasp and only tears sometimes filled his eyes. I started giving him this drink a tea spoonful thrice a day and made him eat an uncooked egg, a table spoonful of honey and have a glass of milk. 

- What is this wonderful Stinkhorn mushroom like? 
- We have been using this mushroom for a long time. 
- Some people treat gastric ulcer, asthma attacts with it, others apply it to joints. 
- Where does it grow? 
- Under old nut-grove on low places. It appears when haymaking and it can be found up to the first autmn frosts. It has a light leg, its cap is a bit darker, may be gray. It should be taken with "eggs". You have to move away the moss growing by the leg and pull out one, two, three (the number may be different) soft "eggs" lying close under the leg... 

The mother has been treating her son for two years in the village. This year Korbut has come back to Zaslavl to call on the medical labor examination board for his invalid group to be crossed off. The doctors looked through attentively his documents. "It cannot be You" - they say. Korbut ought to have been in grave or in the hospital at the best. You are not Vladimir Korbut." And as for his friends? - "Korbut why are you walking here? You've already died." 

And Vladimir is active and well. He is working, as it was before his disease, as an excavator driver. 
What has happened - miracle? 
Is it an increadible healing from cancer? 
One would like to believe in the miracle, to be sure that there is a remedy from this disease.