Woman should always remain a woman

Woman should always remain a woman My teacher, an outstanding oncologist and professor Umberto Veronezi became a minister of health care in Italy. Professor Veronezi is 75 years old, but he is energetic, wise and what is the most important is that he sees everything 100 years in advance.

Thanks to Veronezi, Italy is now a country where less than anywhere else in Europe women are amputated mammary glands because of cancer. In overwhelming majority of cases surgeons remove only a tumor. Woman should always remain a woman and Umberto Veronezi has accomplished a feat as a doctor and as a man, having worked out a system of early diagnosis and minimal surgical intervention with maximal results.

His idea has inspired all societies and achievements in oncology are now talked over as often as football players' successes and Hollywood's private life. Women who found out that they have a cancerous growth are trying to contact a doctor straight away; they do not spend time on dubious drugs or on waiting for miraculous healing. A miracle, as professor Veronezi claims, do not replace but only complete surgical treatment. What is more, Veronezi's surgical art has changed stagnated numbers of medical statistics – mortality caused by various kinds of cancer stopped its growth.

From 1994 many doctors of different world countries adopt this experience in European Institute in Milan. It means that an intelligent person is able to achieve a new orbit and to do a prophylactic in order to decrease cancer sickness rate, which as Veronezi claims should be the business of health care ministry.

Experts of European Institute of Oncology agree that cancer is a result of interaction between genetic predisposition with life conditions and circumstances, which are scientifically called risk factors. 90% of cancer causes are known to science and are therefore treatable; predisposition to cancer can be discovered in any age.

It is well known that depending on the temps of growth more than 20 years may pass before a tumor that is 0,5 cm in diameter will be uncovered by the most up-to-date diagnostic technique. Most often risk factors leave its track on person's genetic card in the most active age from 20 to 40 that is to say long before the determining of such an unpleasant and dangerous diagnosis and it means that overwhelming majority of people have enough time for prophylactic. That is why we need to eliminate the cause. Limit fat consumption.

Heightened consumption of animal saturated fat is combined with higher risk of breast cancer, bowels cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and cancer of ovaries. Watch out your weight. Kidneys, bowels, rectum, gallbladder, and also uterus and mammary glands risk suffering from cancer. Control the amount of sugar in your dietary intake. All the necessary sugar is in fruits. Heightened sugar level in blood and intestines creates an optimal environment for appearance and development of various cancers. Wrong diet serves as a cause for cancer in 20-50% of cases. It is better to limit alcohol consumption. Cancer of oral region, pharynx and mammal gland is directly connected with an amount of consumed alcohol combined with smoking or eating smoked products. Alcohol is a perfect solvent, which allows carcinogens to get to depth of our organisms. Alcohol abuse is a cause for 5% of cancer.

Do not misuse an abundance of solar radiation or solarium if you have heightened sensibility to ultraviolet. These factors cause 1% of cancer. Do not "burn out" while working. What is more, remember that despite the control of carcinogens and radiation sources there are also toxic, radioactive, and electromagnet factors, which cause cancer in 3-4% of cases. If you are experiencing physical or psychical discomfort consult a doctor. Do not be afraid to look suspicious or importunate. The more we know about cancer the less dangerous it will be for us.

From newspaper PANORAMA LATVII