Frighten the Black Death away

That year he went on vacation for the first time. They chose Brazil as a place for rest. They went not for 10 days but for the entire month with its full value as earlier. It is wrong to say that he did not go anywhere else before. There were business trips to European capitals and weeklong naps on Turkish, Spanish, Greek, and Italian beaches. There were no financial problems but only craving for new impressions, fresh warm see, unsoiled wind and sun. Sun, which remained in memory as a picture from childhood when even Baltic cool coast allowed turning black like a firebrand. Skin on the shoulders still remembers facilitating coolness of sour cream that grandma used to heal sunburns. In memory of that, star-shaped curve of moles remained on the back. But today there are sun protection means – sunscreen and it is safe to spend the whole day on the beach without any unpleasant feelings.

Permanent personalized cancer patient advocacy program EASE: 10 years of experience

1. CANCER SURVIVOR WORKING LIFE "Return to work" is an important part of psychosocial rehabilitation of cancer patients. On the other hand "working life" is a great stress factor . Findings reveal that 54% of persons (9970) with relapse in cancer treatment and recurrence of the disease perceived themselves as victims of "working life". 81,%5 of victims were females. All victims were diagnosed with recurrence of cancer within the period from 2,6 months to 1,2 years after victimization due to overload and bulling and harassment (B&H) at work. The main form of cancer in victims-females is breast cancer (76,4%) and ovarian cancer (21,5%), in victims-males prostate cancer (62,6%) and brain tumors (36,2%). Emotional distress can promote a recurrence of the disease in cancer survivors who are working. B&H at working place due to overload, maybe one the single greatest cause of emotion distress which can promote a relapse in cancer treatment and recurrence of disease. To work or not to work? This is the vital question for cancer survivors and cancer patient advocates.

The sun – pluses and minuses

The main minus of an abundance of solar radiation is the risk of striking of a specific skin cancer – melanoma. Melanoma strikes in the most active age from 35 to 45 years and loves women 3 three times more. It is astonishing, but skin cancer starts from outwardly harmless, bearable and rapidly closing up burns. An overbalance of sunlight acts just as ionizing radiation does – it produces mutations in skin cells and represses the immunity. Some people have a heightened predisposition to the development of skin cancer and melanoma. The modern level of diagnostics easily allows figuring it out: with a help of calculation of risk factors and predisposition's characteristics, the topography of birthmarks on the skin and marker's exposure – tyrosinases in urine.

Woman should always remain a woman

Woman should always remain a woman My teacher, an outstanding oncologist and professor Umberto Veronezi became a minister of health care in Italy. Professor Veronezi is 75 years old, but he is energetic, wise and what is the most important is that he sees everything 100 years in advance.

Do not tease and do not feed cancer

In the beginning of July the author of these lines was a delegate of 18th Congress of World Anticancer Union in Norway. Cancer is a global problem; therefore the entire world fights against it. Congress in Oslo is a graphic evidence of this. Royal family drawing the cheques and Olympic champions having a run throughout the entire Scandinavia, have brought not only considerable donation sum for a research on cancer but also a hope for more than 20 millions of patients waiting for a new methods of treatment from scientists. Fight against cancer starts with prophylactic Naturally, that this year premium of Olaf V King of Norway was given to the American authors of famous book "Causes of Cancer" Richard Doll and Richard Pito for their outstanding scientific investigations. Doll and Pito claim, that we know more than 75% of cancer causes. It means that we are able to prevent cancer.


It was for the first time that I held in my hand a sentence to death to a man. It was written hastily and even slightly carelessly in sprawling handwriting of a professional for whom drawing up similar papers is mostlikely an everyday work. The sentence was dated the 29th May 1990 and contained several lines: "Carcinoma of the stomach with metastatic liver injury". It has been announced to Vladimir Korbut of 36 years old, an inhabitant of Zaslavl, first at the Republican Scientific Research Institute of Oncology and a month later affirmed by the inter-district medical examination board. Vladimir as a hundred percent condemned man without any obstruction has been granted an invalidism of the first group and sent off... to die. His wife Vera, although being broken hearted, all the same started preparing for an impending funeral ceremony...